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Mould Cleaning Compound

Cleaner Mould RS

Cleaner Mould RS “Cleaner Mould RS” is a vulcanizable polymeric compound intended for the cleaning of vulcanization moulds during the production process, without removing the mould from the press. This mould-cleaning method allows an increase in productivity and saves time, labour and energy. “Cleaner Mould RS” is applied in a simple moulding operation, respecting the pressure conditions and temperature suggested in the specifications.

Tirel LB-01

Tirel LB-01 “Tirel LB-01” is a lubricant for bladders and heels. It is specially designed following the same technical notions with which “Tirel serie 2000” (Tirel 2000 series) internal lubricants are elaborated. Its formulation is compatible with the compounds used in the tyre industry and it contains no silicones in any of its forms or inorganic fillers.