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Other Products

Maxiflow MX

Maxiflow MX Synthetic resinous plasticizer, polarities and viscosities compatibilizer and homogenizer for rubbers. “Maxiflow MX” acts in rubber mixtures with different chemical structure and viscosity generating ternary and quaternary systems which notably increase compatibility, improving the final vulcanization properties and their processing characteristics.

Retarder RS

Retarder RS Vulcanization retarder in rubber compounds. Chemical Composition: Modified Phthalic anhydride, treated on surface. “RETARDER R.S.” is very effective in inhibiting pre vulcanization in rubber compounds: Natural S.B.R., N.B.R. and their latexes as well as in polybutadiene rubber. The delay effect of the pre vulcanization in the above mentioned rubbers is remarkable for almost all sulphur curing systems and the most common accelerators.