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Viscosity Reducers

Maxiflow RS

Maxiflow RS Process auxiliary for natural and synthetic rubber blends, except chloroprene. Chemicals fatty acids Zinc salts. It has a strong viscosity reducer and maximum creep effect. Dispersing agent of active and inactive fillers and additives in general. It reduces mixing time saving energy and time. It increases the injection, transfer and extrusion rates. In vulcanization it increases the fluidity period and activates vulcanization due to its content of Zinc. It does not generate gaseous products at high curing temperatures.

Maxiflow SP

Maxiflow SP Elaboration auxiliary for Chloroprenes, S.B.R., E.P.D.M., Polyethylenes, Chlorosulfonates, Epichlorohydrin, Polyacrylics, Butylicus mixtures, etc. Chemicals: mainly fatty acids Calcium salts. It is a strong viscosity reducer during mixing. It is an anti-scorch additive very effective in chloroprene due to the low heat generation of the mixtures and the absence of Zinc. It increases resistance to chloroprene crystallization. It prevents polymers from gluing to cylinders and rotors. It reduces mixing time saving energy. In vulcanization it does not generate gaseous products at high curing temperatures.