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PPolymeric Plasticizers

Maxiflex P3

Maxiflex P3 “Maxiflex P3” is a high-molecular-weight polymeric plasticizer which is used as a primary plasticizer in PVC compounds. “Maxiflex P3” is characterized by its very low extractability in contact with aliphatic hydrocarbons, vegetable and mineral oils, soapy solutions, naphthas, alcohols, detergents, etc.

Plastificante PA

Plastificante PA Plasticizer of low volatility and low extraction by solvents, alcohols and water. Especially suitable for polar elastomers such as acrylonitriles, mixtures of nitriles and PVC, Chloroprene, Hypalon, etc. “Plastificante PA” has a very good performance in compounds subject to high temperatures, and a very low extraction in the above mentioned products due to its very high molecular weight. As a consequence of these characteristics it is highly recommended for rubber compounds which must be in permanent contact with gasohols, oils, alcohols, solvents, water, etc.