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Release Agents

Release Agente 6201

Desmoldante 6201 (Release agent 6201) “Desmoldante 6201” is a release agent specially developed for the rubber industry, based on higher alcohols and waxes, totally silicone-free. “Desmoldante 6201” is a release agent suitable for the manufacture of products based on rubber SBR, BR, NBR, EPDM, IIR compounds and their mixtures with NR, and for EVA compounds.

Mandrilube C8

Mandrilube C8 “Mandrilube C8” is a silicone-free release agent designed to be used in the mandrel - rubber compound interface during the production of bored flexible tubes and hoses. The formulation of this release agent does not include silicones of any kind, which makes it suitable for its use in automotive industry applications, where the requirements on the existence of silicone products is very strict.